Poems are incantations that can change us. They echo around inside us after they’re read. And they can be mighty gifts.

We are a small group of poets who believe that verse could transform people and that there should be more of it in our shared possession. We also believe that a poem needn’t be a crafted masterwork and can instead be part of the way we communicate. At the core of our Republic of Verse is the idea that poems can start conversations or long meanderings of thought; that they can be written and read by anyone and everyone; and that a poem willingly received, and freely given, is the mightiest of things to be cherished.

We write poems for people and send them to their postal address. We do this in the hope that a personal gift of some lines of verse will help to feed and nourish those parts of our lives that can’t be fed in any other way and can scarcely be articulated. It’s our deep hope that this is a small positive gesture of openness that will add to the momentum of things that lift us all up together.

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